Beware of One Size Fits All Financial Advice

Your first venture into investments can be quite intimidating. Not knowing what to do first and being afraid to commit mistakes makes the process overwhelming. One way to ensure that you are going the right track and are making good decisions is by following the advice of professionals. You may find some of these readily […]


Property Investments: Cash Flow or Capital Growth?

One of the top reasons why people venture in commercial investment is the opportunity for significant profit. That said, what is the best way to get richer faster? Most would argue that cash flow is the better option between the two, but is it best for you? Jufran Investments discusses the two top strategies that […]


What Makes a Good Property Investment?

With the number of properties on the market, each with different areas you can invest, it can be difficult to determine what makes a good property investment in Sydney. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to ensure that the investment you are buying is a good one. After all, no one wants an […]


Residential Property In Sydney

Investing in Technology Startups: What You Need to Know

Today’s digital age means that new technology and revolutionary platforms are just waiting to be discovered around every corner. That said, investing in technology startups offers high risks along with high rewards. While it can be highly advantageous to invest in a young company, there are several things that you should know beforehand to make […]